Dharmadeksha Sevak


“Every day devotees perform various homams in the Yagasala situated in the Kshetram. Chandi, Lakshmiganapathi, Dakshinamurthy, Mahamrutyunjaya sacrifices (Yagams) on a large scale along with annual programmes of the Kshetram. On the full moon day of every month six-cult Pitharchanas ( Ganapathi, Kumaraswamy, Mahavishnu, Suryanarayana, Sakthi and Siva) on the same platform, Maha Saraswathi homams, Kshetravars Sri Rajarajeswari sametha Sri Kotilingeswara Swamy vari Kalyanam are performed on a large scale by the Kshetra Archakaswamys. On every masa sivaratri day mantropadesasms in the ‘Sivasabda Taranga Margam’ japa deeksha method will be offered free of cost and purely with service mind. It is Siva Swamyji’s intention that everyone must be benefited by these.”


“Cow is the representative of all celestials. Sages extolled cow as the symbol of Dharmadevata – the demigod of righteousness. The body of the cow is the residence of all celestials. It’s said that man attains the fruit of serving all celestials just by serving a cow. That was the reason why cow was reared in the asramam. Scriptures reveal that circumambulation to the cow, especially the two-faced cow (Dwimukhi govu ) provided the doer the result of moving around the whole of the planet earth. Sage Gautama married Ahalya by means of this principle, according to Brahmandapuram.


Anna Prasadam is offered to devotees visiting Sri Saivakshetram daily. Charity of food is predominant among other charities (anni danamula kanna Annadaname minna, it’s written by a Telugu poet). Those who consider Annam (Cookedrice) as an attribute of Parabrahma will get all kinds of wealth and good children and become famous in their respective fields when they grow up. It is from food alone all the creatures originated and develop by the same. It must be viewed as a means to attain divinity.

An appeal

Sri Saivakshetram makes an appeal to the devotees to extend their help and cooperation to continue this gigantic ‘Annadanamahayagnam” and get the full grace of Sri Rajarajeswaridevi Sametha Sri Kotilingeswara Swamyvarlu and Sri Annapurna DeviSametha Visweswarasamy value.