Dharmadeksha Sevak

Saiva Kshetram

Sri Rajarajeswaridevi Sametha Sri Kotilingeswara Swamyvarla Devasthanam

“Construction of Sri Saiva Kshetram has been aimed at rekindling the “Lamps of Righteousness “in this great Planet Earth which is considered unique among the countless worlds and the mega universe. Establishment of Siva Cult – Publicity of the Shiva’s philosophy – Construction of Siva Temples.”

Benefits of visiting Sri Saiva Kshetram – A Commentary

“Together with change of aeons ( Yugas ) , their essential qualities also undergo major changes. Nothing excels worship of Lord Siva in this Aeon Kali (Kaliyuga). Each one of us must attain blissful life full of love without discrimination of Caste, religion, nationality, group, colour or gender. It is to be noted that Bliss alone is the original form of Lord Siva. With the Strength derived from the divine benedictions of Sri Paarvathi and Parameswara, it was proposed to construct Sri Saiva Kshetram to give devotees a chance to Personally perform divine services to deities.

Sri Saiva Kshetram – Sri Siva Kshetram – Bhookailasam

Slokam : Sri Saivakshetra samagamam Kalikalmasha thirogamam !!

“All people, under the influence of the aeon Kali ( Kali Yuga ), driven by the wicked nature of the Kalipurusha, indulge in sinful acts and roam about with polluted souls. So Kaliyuga being a cobweb of misdeeds, everyone must take care to protect himself from its evil influences. The entire world turns sinful and pious deeds become rare. Brahmins and Kshatriyas deviate from their long – established traditions and the caste system gets affected. They lose their respectable positions. As such the initiations of mantras got from their gurus lose their effect and disturb guru – Sishya order. All this is the result the cruel nature of the Kalipurusha. But one must not get disappointed with these ill effects and instead visit Sri Saiva Kshetram with determination and pay their obeisance to different deities installed in the Saiva Mahakshetram compound. They are capable of driving away the evil tendencies of the visitors and remove their dirty sins. All the sins caused by the influence of Kali would be warded off with the angry looks of Rudra. And the devotee will be free from the cess pool of sins. Mankind which is invariably afficted by the evil effects of Kali must attentively and dedicatedly perform anointments and worships in Siva Temples built by celestials, rishis, men and Swayambhoos.

Taking bath in Krishna River is equal to the dip in all Rivers

“Sri Saiva Kshetram is associated with the holy river Krishnaveni. The sanctity of the river is praised by sages of yore as one of the holy quintet – the Ganges, Cauvery, Godavari, Tungabhadra and Krishnaveni. If a man takes bath at least once in any of the rivers, he is sure to be cleansed of all his sins and the rare merit of having bathed in all the five rivers (Teerthams) will be deposited in his eternal account. The rivers in which sages take bath regularly are known as teerthams which have the capability of liberating the bathers from worldly bonds. On the bank of such a pious river does shine forth our Sri Saiva Mahakshetram with the divine benedictions of Lord Siva. The Virtuous acts performed in the Kshetram become multifold unlike in ordinary places. For instance worship performed in a Temple compound gives over hundred times over hundred times more result than performance of the same in one’shouse. If the same are performed on the bank of a river the result becomes thousand fold as revealed by scriptures. In the same way, daily archanas, abhishekas, daily archanas of Parthivalingam and Sivapanchayatranam, homams, maha naivedyams (great offerings), anna dhanams (dailyfeedings), kalyana mahotsavams (massweddings) etc,. Also go by the same arithmetic and provide greater protection to the doers. This is the uniqueness of Sri Saiva Kshetram here.